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Since its founding in 1971, the firm was able to participate and engage in more than 1500 projects mainly based in Egypt and United Arab Emirates- UAE where our two branches are located as well as other places including; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- KSA, Libya, Sudan, DR Congo, United States of America- USA, and Malaysia.

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The firm currently has two branches located in Egypt and in UAE. The firm is classified as a “Multi-expertise” consulting firm in Egypt and as a grade “A” consulting firm in UAE, it handles projects and construction management in the following areas : –

01. Industrial Projects.

02. Administration and Office Buildings.

03. Development of New Settlements.

04. Housing and Residential buildings.

05. Sports and Tourism Projects.

06. Malls, Shopping Centers and Exhibition halls.

07. Power Stations.

08. Mosques.

09. Schools and Learning facilities.

10. Environmental Assessment.

11. Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary Engineering.

12. Civil Engineering Projects… Includes Soil Investigation, Surveying, Highway Engineering, Traffic, Sewer and Water Supply Networks, Structural Engineering, Dynamic Analysis, Seismic Studies and Hydraulic Structures.

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