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Construction Supervision at HOWEEDY CONSULTANT helps you complete your project within specified time and budget, as well as meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards… Our Services during the construction phase includes:

HOWEEDY CONSULTANT is dedicated to working with all project participants from early project stages till post-construction operations aiming to resolve all project technical and non-technical issues before or as they develop making sure that projects meet all quality standards and design specifications. HOWEEDY maintains whole project records from all project participants, providing periodic reports to comply with both client needs and contract requirements.

Our highly experienced staff with more than 40 years of experience in the local market and other regional markets are capable of controlling every aspect of the construction act. We offer full-time supervision staff, part-time inspection staff, and even site-based resident engineers depending on the client, contract or project requirements. We provide services in the construction of industrial facilities, power plants, high-rise building, buildings, bridges, highways, water supply and waste water facilities, Hotels and tourism projects, Sports facilities, Malls and centers, Mosques, and many other construction projects.

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Construction Supervision

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